In Which I Introduce Myself

Hi I’m Ripley Gamer of Ebrietas Gaming and this is my little blog where I get to talk about being a gamer in a world where the Steam forums exist. Granted some topics are pretty good and bring up interesting points, but you have to stop complaining that Fallout 4 wouldn’t work on your PC and crashes on start-up. I went through the same thing with Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within and realised ‘hey this laptop is pretty shit, maybe I should invest money in a good quality gaming laptop because I sure as hell don’t have room for a desktop computer’.

And I did, Nvidia graphics be praised although framerates could be a little better when in serious heavy combat. Although if you want to see me get my ass kicked in Dark Souls III my YouTube channel does a perfect job of showcasing that.

So you’ll get a lot from me here, videos (When I can get them done because screw this stupidly tiny bedroom I’m stuck in), opinion pieces (Where the major thought of said piece will probably be ‘I don’t care’) and general video game shit.

Because here at Ebrietas Gaming, I’m still gaming when the sun goes down.


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