Filthy Casual – When Did Casual Gaming Start Being A Bad Thing?

Remember how I said that perusing the Steam forums is something you get discouraged from doing, well whatever you do avoid the Dark Souls III forum board because it’s nothing but people moaning about poise, invasions, ganking, oh and my favourite one yet, that the majority of people playing Dark Souls III are filthy casual gamers, and I’m apparently one of them.

Yes apparently enjoying a game because it’s fun makes you casual gamer which is apparently a pox on the Soulsborne community. If you R1 spam, you’re a casual, if you complain that the game is hard, you’re a casual. When was being a casual gamer a bad thing? I wasn’t aware that gaming ranks started from ‘noob’ and ended at ‘MLG Pro’, I never imagined how intense Pong fights were on the Atari in the seventies, oh and imagine the insults thrown at little Jimmy as he played Pac-Man down at the Arcade in the eighties.

I can never understand this elitist mentality amongst the more ‘serious’ gamers in the community (I call myself a serious gamer but not to the point of belittling another person’s taste in video games, that’s just being an asshole). This idea that if you’re bad at a game you need to ‘git gud’ or not play it all. The majority of my gaming career before 2014 was Spyro and Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation, Skyrim on the PC and Pokemon on all handheld consoles before I finally upgraded to the PS4 and got a decent enough gaming laptop to play some of the more recent games developed because you can’t play video games in a car unless it’s on a portable device. And I’m an avid gamer, my current Steam library count is 262 Games, but I have way more counting the games on my DS, Game Boy Advance, 3DS and PlayStation 4, I am at least boarding on 300 Games across PC, Console and Handheld altogether which for me is pretty good considering I also have a large movie and CD collection too.

All these games and all that money spent, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a casual gamer now, but certainly in the past before I got disposable income. My childhood afternoons were spent playing Spyro and Crash Bandicoot while my brother played racing games on his PS2. My afternoons now are spent playing a mix of Open World RPG, Horror Games, Fantasy, Point and Clicks, Adventure and Action Games. I can certainly admit that I have evolved as a Gamer over time especially as my taste and interest in video games grew due to exposure to the gaming community, and I love the community I’ve made a few good friends here and dragged some current friends into the community too.

Playing video games as a casual past-time isn’t a bad thing and being a casual gamer shouldn’t be a bad thing to be. Not everyone is as serious about video games like myself or many others, and they don’t have to be so long as they enjoy the select titles they play. And so long as you’re willing to welcome those into the community, it’s not a bad thing to be and not a bad place to be (In the right circles).

So let’s back to the reason we play video games, to have fun, kick-ass, and watch a Mr. Handy get blown up by a grenade.


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